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Brazil’s iPhone Isn’t Powered By Apple Runs Android Instead

Brazilian smartphone shoppers will be a little surprised when they pick up an iPhone and see it powered by Android and not the expected iOS that the rest of the world is using. It seems back in 2000, prior to Apple’s iPhone existence, Gradiente, a consumer electronics company files for a patent on the name iPhone and now seem to be thumbing their nose at Apple as they plan to strip Apple of the iPhone name tag and release their own iPhone powered by Google’s operating system called Android.

There has been no comment yet from Apple but it is safe to say that they are not going to take this lightly and it would be pretty standard operating policy for the Cupertino tech giant to send a swarm of lawyers armed with large check books to make the Apple magic happen and get their name that they made famous, iPhone, back on their iOS powered devices. So expect if the legal wrangling doesn’t work then Apple to slide a rather large check Gradiente’s way like they did in China where they ponied up 60 million to get the iPad name back.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I actually find this pretty amusing and wonder where this story goes from here. Perhaps this is why Apple is in trouble with stock holders who are wanting to get their hands on some of that Apple treasury they are hoarding, they are holding it for fights like these.

[via Android Authority]

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