Stopped in to a local corporate AT&T store and happened to come across the new Moto-X phone display. It is clean and well thought out. The range of colors certainly are attractive to the eye.

Unfortunately in my 30 minutes in the store I didn’t see a single customs stop at the display. This was despite at least 30 people having come and gone through the doors. Most chatter was centered around the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a couple people asking about the iPhone. It is always interesting hearing and seeing how different salespeople approach sales of devices.

My first impression in my brief hands on is that it feels good in hand, responsive and a nice overall user experience.


  1. I find it hard to keep my mouth shut listening to a “CSR” talk to a customer. I don’t know these people, or what their wants and needs might be.
    I might speak up if I heard a flat out lie from the CSR, or an unanswered question I can answer.
    It is fun though to watch other people shop while I am just there for some hands on time.
    I was wondering how likely it is that MotoGoog will release a higher end device this year. I saw that a developer edition of the X Phone is coming, but I am talking about another, higher speced, possibly larger device.

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