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Dell Streak Riding With A Harley Davidson Road King!

No matter how hard I try to spin the Dell Streak, it is a large device with a 5 inch screen. Carrying this around in your pocket is not impossible, but definitely earns you extra geek points. So what do you do to overcome this stereo type with friends and family? Easy, integrate into Harley Davidson Road King! My brother had a Road King some years ago and I was fortunate enough to talk him into letting me ride it. The experience is incredible and highly recommended! So when Bryan B from our Forums and frequent blog personality tipped me off about this awesome integration between the Dell Streak and the Harley Davidson Road King, I had to share it with you all. The integration uses the OE Dell Streak docking station and a slide out try mounted and housed right above the handle bars in very easy line of view. This particular Streak has a custom user interface making it very convenient for riding.  The owner of the Harley also added a JBL 500 Amp as well as a dedicated power source for the Streak mounted in the left hand cargo bag.

This is a really trick setup and another excellent way to make use of the Dell Streak!