Well hopefully that picture got your attention.  It sure did for me.  Now this phone which is just a concept at the moment “could” have so many uses it is unbelievable.  A Mozilla community member by the name of Billy May came up with the concept.   In essence this phone works by using projectors to project a virtual keyboard and trackpad onto a surface in which the user will use.   Unfortunately Mozilla has no plans to build a phone but this concept is just too cool to just be a dream.

via MozillaLabs


  1. I hate mockeups. I hate even more when they get attention. Do you know how easy it is for any of us to put together an ideal phone? That’s all this guy did. Then got someone else to animate it.

    And what happens? It gets so much attention on blogs. For what? What is so special about something which boils down to some kid rattling off what he wants in the next HTC phone on XDA? If that’s what makes news, then you got a months worth of stories just in the last week.

  2. im pretty sure alot of features in phones nowadays came from concept phones, even if those phones never saw production, and nokia actually has some concept phones that they have a company working on the technology to make them possible, why hate on people for being imaginative? thats what fuels this industry im pretty sure.

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