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Friday Humor–Useless Box Kit

I am the worst at having to know exactly what is inside something or how something works. I guess that is how I ended up blogging about tech. I have to know how things work. If you are like me, or better yet, know someone who cannot stand not knowing something, then here is the perfect gift for them. It’s called the Useless Box Kit. It is a shiny Black box measuring: 5.5" x 4.125" x 2.75". On top of the shiny black box is a simple switch.

You will have to put the Useless Black Box Kit together obviously, it says kit doesn’t it? Anyone from “high beginner to low intermediate” should be able to handle the assembly of the Useless Box Kit and will require the additional purchase of two AA batteries. The Useless Box Kit costs $40 bucks plus some shipping at

Check out the video below to see it work after assembly.