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Simmons, what do you say

Whether Sony may defeat Google or not, I wouldn’t spend $1500 for an AR eye glass(es), even if I change my heart and decide to buy one. I still stand by my word, I have seen a lot of people abusing Bluetooth headset, talking loudly and disrespecting surroundings. They just look like a bunch of crazies on loose. No I don’t say Bluetooth Headset is bad. It may or may not make the user look like a douchebag. But if you use technology properly, it is good. But I am worried about most of them. Already we have hell lot of distractions on the road. God knows what happens, when these Glasses are used by a driver. I hope Google, Sony or someone that makes these might just shutdown the “Glass” worn by driver. Well they may not be able to , can they? I don’t want to bump into the ones who are wearing these Google or Sony made eye glasses. Today I read Baidu, the Chinese Search Engine, is also building one