ZDNet got a straight answer on whether Windows Phone updates come from carriers or MS. There was some confusion as to who ultimately controls the thing and if the update is a guaranty. After a long question complaining about AT&T not pushing out updates and who controls the updates and what phones are eligable the answer is simple “Microsoft will push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users and all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates.”

Of course, cynical me still questions the timing – will AT&T be able to ‘approve’ the package before it goes out and delay it. We’ll find out in two months I presume…


  1. well… AT&T has no control over the Zune software if Microsoft pushes updates that way, which it should for a big update anyhow.

  2. @adp: however, i believe at&t can ask for their devices not to recieve the update this round, and MS will comply with the delay, and force it out in the next round of updates.

    what i would like to see is periodic updates like windows desktop. MS should and needs to put out OS updates every month, which introduces a feature each time, or multiple features. instead of bundling it all into one update like iOS/Android. I know that it means that people will be updating their phones a lot more, but in saying this, WP needs to catch up in quite a few areas to shut up all the haters.

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