Julien Schapman has released a video preview of his Windows Phone Device Manager and it literally makes a mockery out of the currently PC – WP relationship that Microsoft is shipping (which is just Zune syncing actually). Just take a look for yourself:

This is just about all you could want. Transferring files, setting ringtones, using local clipboards, sending texts/emails locally (through your phone), managing applications, etc and it even works over wifi. Fortunately, he is seeking to be part of the official homebrew development team so hopefully Brandon Watson and Microsoft are actually paying attention to things like this and they realize that this is something to adopt of emulate.


  1. Pure Awesomeness!!!! It is so perfect that it would be dangerous in the hands of the ignorant. C’mon MS, approve this in the Marketplace as a paid app for $9.99 !!!
    1. Beacause it is really worth it… and…
    2. So that only those guys buy it who really know what they are doing.

  2. @kit: He pulled unlocking from this tool to play nice with MS and try to be a part of the dev team so currently he does not plan on releasing the unlock feature.

  3. If Microsoft doesn’t pay any attention to this, then they deserve to be in the position that they are in. When you have smart people putting together applications that are useful and stand out from the crowd then they should be encoureged to continue and multiply. Seems this is what Gates did at Microsoft 25 years ago.

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