imageIf you’re a New Yorker with a Windows Phone then there’s a new (free) app for you called MTA Information for you:

MTA Information is a must-have for every New Yorker who uses the MTA to get where they need to go. The app will give you the most updated status of all MTA transportation methods. The methods include the Subway, Buses, Bridges and Tunnels, LIRR and MetroNorth. The app also gives you quick access to the Maps for the Subway, LIRR, Metro-North, Bridges and Tunnels and the Staten Island Railway. The best features is the ability to find all the subways near your current location (you will need location services enabled). When you find the subway you want to reach, you can click the subway and directions will be given.



  1. I bet the train company has a staiotn named after you with you being such a good customer and all:)You know this was one helluva an exciting post so I think I will pass out from “excitement” now!And yes I am only teasing you and joking so dont “take your guns to town” and start hunting me down like a rabbid dog just yet (see I know how you are thinking,lol)Take care!

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