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WordLink Free–Challenging Word Game For WP7 Available

WordlLink Free is available for Windows Phones in the Marketplace. This comes from GlowPuff who is one of my favorite developers (Zombie Circus and Gridrunner Girl to name a few). In their latest game, you are given letters that are linked by chains. You need to figure out the word that is formed using those letters and you know that the letters can only connect by the chains (so if two letters don’t have a chain between them that’s a hint that they are not in order). It’s the kind of game that you start on the easy level to get the hang of it and you quickly get going and can’t stop playing. But it has far more features like power-ups. Also, at times you need to re-use the same letter and overall it’s a great game to keep you thinking all accompanied by great graphics and sound effects. Here’s the official description:

WordLink Free is a challenging, action-packed, visually engaging puzzle game requiring you to link letters together to form words. Six super power-ups are at your disposal to aid in beating the clock! Choose from five game modes, including a Custom mode where YOU make the rules. Select your word sets or disable the timer – the choice is yours!

* Family safe word sets – over 20,000 words!
* Simple "pick-up-and-play" gameplay: tap letters linked by a chain to select them in turn to spell the unknown word. Make a wrong choice, and the letter catches fire and you lose points and time!
* Amazing particle effects: explosions, sparks, electricity!
* Six power-ups! Learn to combine them for maximum points!
* Full musical score keeps you engaged!
* 5 game modes, including a Custom mode. Play how YOU want to play!
* Online leaderboard keeps track of your best scores!
* Continue a previous game or start over. The auto-save system keeps your current progress saved from session to session!

It’s a lot of fun so if you’re into word games give it a shot. Here’s the download link that opens Zune.