I’m still loving my Windows phone and I like to show it off but I still think it’s not my favorite piece of tech that I own. Something about a phone UI that’s neat and all but it’s something that you grow into and can appreciate in use. Compare this to what happens when I show off a little Fruit Ninja Kinect action to someone who has no idea what Kinect is. I know it’s selling like mad but there are so many people that have never used it or even heard of it that when you first put it on you have to spend five minutes explaining that you are using your voice to launch the app through the sensor and then that you play there’s no controller and no calibration as people can just jump into the field of view and start chopping. It’s entirely intuitive and simple as anything to pick up. Yeah, that’s you on the screen. And then you hit them up with a little Kinect Sports action and they start to see where things are headed. Add in Netflix and all the new apps, video, movies, music and of course now I can show off that Xbox Windows Phone Companion App and it’s the real deal.  Sure it’s an Xbox as well but for me the Kinect is where it is. I know it’s not hardcore gaming but the fact that they too something as complex as 3D imaging (plus voice recognition) and put it together in such a simple and affordable package is something special.

But that’s me – what are you guys rocking? What do you think is your favorite piece of technology that you own?  You know, the thing you like to show off because it’s just that slick…


  1. My Android tablets have to be my favorite things. I have four of them actually, two cheapies and two decent ones. I gave one of the cheapies to my kids and they happily play with it, and the other cheap one is just sitting here waiting for someone to figure out a way to update the OS to something worthwhile. It’s more of an ereader that runs Android but it needs updated badly. I just find the tablets extremely useful and just fun.

    I like the Kinect, but I don’t think it’s all that. I’m reserving judgement until I get around to getting the PS Move to compare them to each other.

  2. My favorite piece of technology right now is my iPad 2. I absolutely love using it. The gaming is great. Portable business capabilities is awesome. Staying connected has never been easier and viewing media a blast.

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