Not sure if it has anything to do with the coming WP7 update, but my Samsung Omnia 7 just got a weird restart which ended up pretty badly with no less than a complete irreversible end-to-end definite hard reset.

No, I didn’t get anything new, nor copy & paste, but what I did get is a complete DELETION of my camera roll pictures, settings and downloaded apps…

Yes, I’m totally pissed off at the moment, and although much of the data was backed up, or synced with the cloud, the pictures that were not shared on facebook are now lost…

Which brings up another thought: WP7 upgrade is close – backup your data.

Using ‘Pictures’ hub, you can upload pictures to SkyDrive, and facebook integration is also easy – would be a good idea to back them up before it’s too late…

So, not sure if Microsoft picked me to be some kind of beta tester for their upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS update, or maybe it’s some kind of revenge for the hard start we had, I’m almost back in business now, thanks to my Live account, Outlook and Gmail. My apps are still missing, and of course my pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing and promote WP7: the more I use it the more I like it.
Hopefully the real upgrade will not delete my stuff once again…

(Originally posted for The Mobile Spoon)


  1. What do you mean by a “weird reset”? Like, did it say it was updating the phone or something, or did it just reboot? I mean, just because it came out of nowhere doesn’t suggest that anything caused it other than a bug.

  2. Ouch man. Yeah every now and then we all should back up somewhere, the cloud and / or (usually and) our computers.

    Any way on WP7 to check your kernel version or whatever to see if it changed or if this was your phone getting angry at you in particular?

  3. @Doug Simmons:

    Yeah, if you go Settings -> About and press More Info, it tells you what precise version number it is. Right now, my Focus is at OS version 7.0.7004.0, firmware is at 2103.10.10.1, and it even says Radio Software version, bootloader, and SOC versions.

  4. @Murali:

    If your contacts are getting synced from an online source, then it is/should be automatically syncing them back to the service, too.

  5. Actually best way to backup your pictures (if you can) is to your pc as pics sent to Skydrive are sent at a lower resolution, but I guess it serves as a quick way to backup till you sync with your pc.

  6. I set up wireless sync on the Zune software with my home PC so when I get home, plug in the phone to charge and a few minutes later, it will start syncing wirelessly to my PC in the closet while my phone is plugged in in the living room.
    Wireless sync will back up photos, videos, and music. contacts are sync to the live account.

  7. @adp: and if you really want to be sure your stuff are backed up in case your PC crashes, I would set up Windows Live Mesh and sync the Zune folder to skydrive. You have a 5gb limit, so you have plenty of space for photos.

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