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Before I Had My Current Phone I Had…

Just saw this picture on Twitter and it made me think about my phone history.

I went from a Samsung flip phone to a Treo 600, to a Treo 650, a Verizon UTStarcom 6700 (with the antennae nub and slide out keyboard rocking Windows Mobile 5), then an HTC TyTn 8525 (yes Windows Mobile 6 upgrade) and sometime around then I got a Samsung Blackjack as a weekend phone and swapped my SIM into it on the weekends cause at the time it seemed so thin even if it wasn’t a touchscreen.


Next up was the HTC Tilt. It was like a mini laptop when you slid it open…or something. Follow that up with the HTC Fuze which was the last resistive screen phone I had but I liked that phone (until I put custom ROMs on it  on a daily basis and ran it into the ground).

Then I  picked up an HTC HD2 that was on TMobile but I SIM unlocked it and had it on AT&T even though that meant no 3G but that thing is solid as hell, great speed, capacitive screen and even today that thing has specs that anyone can appreciate.

And I’m carrying a Samsung Focus now. I went Samsung for my Windows Phone because I was into the AMOLED and HTC burned me a few times in the past between not updating the OS on Windows Mobile (I blame them as much as MS) and the pink splodge their cameras had forever.

Anyway, it’s a holiday weekend so it’s a great opportunity to share your stories. How did you get to where you are? And as much as it hurts…could you imagine if the iPhone never came out and the pressure never hit MS directly and I was still rocking Windows Mobile or worse yet…HTC Sense? Sorry but that overlay gives me shivers now. So cool to look it…so much lag.