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MyMobiler 1.25 Released

image MyMobiler is one of the best pieces of freeware for WM. We’ve discussed it a number of times, but it lets you connect your PC to your phone so that you can use you’re PC’s keyboard/mouse to control your phone and you can see your phone’s screen on your PC in real time so it even lets you send texts and do anything else from your PC when connected. You can even cut and paste between your phone and PC, capture mobile screens (single image or video) and drag and drop files to your mobile. Well there’s a new release – v1.25. It still works like the old version (1.23) but you get some added features. On your PC you get a popup indicating when a new email is received, new text and incoming phone call (it lasts about a second but it’s better than nothing:)). It also seems to be a bit faster at connecting, has less overall delay and the mobile file explorer is really fast, even showing the Windows directory. All of this for the low low price of free:) If you have v1.23 installed you should uninstall it first as they will both install on your PC and be active (as I found out).

You can get the download from (link is at the bottom below the 1.23 download link) but for some reason the site has been up and down today. If you’re having that problem you can download the file from PPCGeeks here or here from MegaUpload or here from RapidShare or here from DepositFiles. Of course, remember to support the developer if you enjoy the app.