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5×5 – Simple Addictive Game

5x5 The author Stephj describes 5×5 as follows:

The object of the game is to light up or knock out all the lights in a 5×5 grid. When a square is selected that square and its four immediate neighbors, above, below, and to each side invert. There is no wraparound. The object of the game is to get all the squares black.

It sounds simple and like a Rubik’s cube understanding the game doesn’t teach you how to defeat it. It’s immediately addictive and if you defeat 5×5 you can move up to boards that have a larger grid.

The download is a zip that contains an exe file. That exe file should be run directly from your phone. If you want it to show up in your Program Directory you need to create a shortcut in Windows/Start Menu/Programs (as detailed here). I can confirm that this runs on the Fuze and it should run on almost any WM touch screen phone (including the Touch HD and Diamond 2). Enjoy and make sure to thank and express your frustration towards Stephj for his contribution;) The download can be found here on XDA.