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Comwave Launches iPhone App With (almost) Free Calling to 57 Countries

That headline up there is theirs except for the part I put in parenthesis as it’s a bit misleading I think to call it totally free. You can get the app for free but then you have to pay $30 per year and you get 250 local and long distance minutes per month. What they’re saying is that you subscribe to their service for $30 per year and they give you those minutes for free. I guess that’s not to bad though really, 250 per month for $30 for a year. I mean that’s like getting 250 minutes for $2.50 per month right?


Just in time for the Holidays, Comwave’s new Mobile App has eliminated cell phone long distance charge to 57 countries.  Available today on iTunes for the US &Canada for $30 per year, users are able to place long distance calls directly through their existing contact lists on their cell phones, to 57 countries including the USA & Canada.  There are no monthly bills and there is a 100-minute free trial available at

Customers can register at and then download the App for free on iTunes.  Android & Blackberry versions coming soon.

$30/year Includes:

  • Ability to change your Caller ID
  • 250 free local & long distance minutes per month for 12 months to call across the street or around the globe (That’s 3,000 free minutes to 57 countries)
  • Lower rates than Skype if you go over the free 250 minutes/month or call outside of the 57 Countries
  • No monthly fees….Just an annual fee of $30