This genius was in the news, some article about 128GB iPads, and if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see him rocking what definitely isn’t an iPhone. What the heck is it? My vote is the LG Nexus 4. Here, let me line up the contenders.

I needn’t stress how important it is that we figure this out for obvious reasons…



    • Okay Nate, like I said that’s my vote too, but note that I only pulled up images of those phones, don’t know what many look like, plus I don’t know when this picture was taken and the Nexus 4 is both recent and hard to find. Still confident?

  1. I’m going with the Nexus 4. Simmons im disappointed in you. Who better than to secure a much sought after device than an Apple lover? Clearly a case where the guy used his years of experience to outmaneuver the hundreds of hundreds of Android users who are much too cool than to camp out, even online, for such a device.

  2. Y’all never been to an Apple Store? They carry around iPod Touches in a case that swipes credit cards. That’s what that is. Not a phone. They have to keep their phones off the floor.

  3. terrible photoshop job, looks like it was done on an android device…. i know android quality shit when i see it….

      • If it’s an enthusiast-made look you’re going for with the logo, I’ve got two fans of technology in my house who love drawing.. I’ll have my daughters whip something up LOL

    • You know what Ramon, the shop job looks crude but it serves its purpose well. I did a reverse lookup to find this picture in its highest res and dug through Google Images for good shots of the other phones, rotated the original pic just a few degrees off vertical and aligned the others accordingly.

      Whereas you either wouldn’t bother to post pictures of the contenders, or if you did you’d just lazily hotlink whatever you binged.

      You certainly wouldn’t have made any effort to line them up as I did. Ain’t that right.

      Though it won’t win any beauty contests, mine is how you get a positive ID and without wasting time.

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