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Bing App On iPhone Still Could Be Better

It seems in mobile technology things are a lot like sporting teams. Fans circle the wagons around their favorites and seem to have an aversion to excepting any other team or mobile platform. I on the other hand enjoy multiple mobile platforms and follow several teams from different areas of the country. So on my iPhone I tend to use the Bing app more often than many of the other apps I use mainly because I like how the app brings lots of things together and is very rich in content. I’ve actually posted many times on the Bing app and Microsoft’s ups and downs with trying to get it right on iOS. Bing actually is quite brilliant on my iPad but has always had issues presenting all the rich media and content on the iPhone.

The latest version of the Bing app for iPhone was released on November 27. This new version 4.3 enhanced several things including the Bing image and searching for content. But the one thing it didn’t resolve was scaling the image in the app to match that of the mobile Safari homepage for Bing. Check out the differences between the two images from the Bing iOS app and how it presents on Safari on the iPhone.

iOS app:

This was taken using safari:

As you can see it still does not scale the image correctly but is much better than using the Bing app. The next photo below is when you open the iOS app for Bing and select popular now you get a list of all the trending topics plus the Bing image of the Day on the top. And as you can see the Bing image of the day within the app is scaled perfectly.

Now how many of you lost focus of the squirrel picture of the Day and saw that Kate Upton has broken up with the Russian dancer on dancing with the stars? Hahaha

So Bing is still one of my favorite apps on iPhone but still has a little bit more work to do to get things right. I certainly like the new app and the direction they are going in. I also like the fact that Microsoft is still somewhat committed to improving their apps on iOS. Now if they would just release office for iOS the world could be a much better place.