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Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary Brings Augmented Reality To Your iPhone

You know when I start talking iPhone it’s because it’s pretty cool:

Ogmento Inc. today announced the release of Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary, a geo-location based, augmented reality role-playing game, now available for free in the Apple App Store for the iPhone. Published by Ogmento under license from Paramount Digital Entertainment, Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary creates a new way for players to interact with their environment, where the world is the new game board and favorite neighborhood locations – coffee shops, grocery stores, parks – become integral elements in the game to transform a player’s daily routine into a riveting experience.

The launch of this game marks several milestones in mobile gaming:

  • The first augmented reality game of its kind to use Ogmento’s patent-pending technology that engages with user-generated content. It allows users to draw out game play elements on paper that come into life in the game through a camera phone.
  • The first game of its kind to mix geo-social and vision-based augmented reality game elements with a top tier film franchise.

OK that was all from their press release but looking through their materials, this looks pretty slick. Augmented reality, massively multiplayer integrated into the real world – cool stuff. If you check it out share your thoughts.