It will be interesting to see where this is all headed, but WSJ is reporting that ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking their content from streaming on Google TV. This is despite the fact that you can go online right now and watch the content for free and other platforms, like the iPad, have built in apps just to provide this sort of free content. Google has no control over this as they’re not paying for the content so they, and Google TV users, are at the whim of the networks. Still, this all questions if the networks are trying to make a dime or are just trying to prevent Google (or maybe Sony/Logitech) from profiting off of their content. Regardless, this, along with the Hulu ban, show an Achilles heal to this Google TV and this type of setup in general. As much potential as it may have, the free services provided are not guaranteed so if the content providers pull the content…well you just have a new shiny box on your hand to get YouTube onto your tv.

How do you think this plays out and what do you think is behind the ban?

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  1. Particularly in light of the Hulu blackout contract war thing, I sense leverage or cooperation from the cable companies over the networks to snub Google like this (or maybe they figure it would be more profitable on average to nudge someone off Google TV and onto cable and watch the program an advertisements in a conventional format).

    Perhaps when enough people start using and enjoying their Google TV and become more fixated on whatever other features it has to keep them tuned in and zoned out networks like these may realize it’s bad for business to do this. Or maybe they’re looking for a payout from Google. I suppose that’s what I’d do if I were them right now, try to shake down Google and get myself a cut, a cut on top of whatever I’d otherwise make with any advertising or promotion of other shows that I do with the videos on my own websites.

    If I were either a cable / satellite / whatever carrier or a television network I would feel threatened right now about Google and their TV ambitions. There’s mystery right now regarding whether it will be a dud or a big hit and whether it’s so good somehow that people end up using it more than their cable box tuner, and if that’s the case, how to squeeze some money out of it. There’s a chance that this will be a hit sooner or later.

    One thing’s for certain in my case, so long as the only way to get my Sunday night dose of HBO in 1080p without having to torrent it is by flipping back to regular cable, I ain’t ditching Time Warner anytime soon.

    Actually I know very little about what I’m about to get in the mail, eta Monday. I’ve avoided researching, want it to be a surprise, the features. When I heard this news this morning my reaction was “Huh, didn’t even occur to me that watching these networks was someone one would do with Google TV.” I’m just expecting enough things on it that, like my computer is doing for me right now, to keep me locked in and away from normal television.

    That said, this news is a blow to Google.

  2. Who cares about *BC?
    Now, if Google could get an agreement with the cable network channels and charge by ala carte where you pick which channels you wish to pay for. Then you might have something worth buying. I cannot stand paying upwards of $100 for cable and only watch the two or three channels that I am interested in.

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