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I’m sick of my Lumia 900. What should I get?

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten an upgrade.  Obviously this is the case based on the title of this article.  The 900 was a bumpy road of love, hate, frustration, and neither over nor under whelming of any sort.  It was pervasively blah.  The time for upgrades is now.  The 6th of April to be precise.  Being that we have a little bit of an announcement pending we’ll work with what we’ve got.  A few ideas and some speculation.  To help you guys out and so this also doesn’t devolve into a comment battle of OS preference and carrier bashing let me just lay out what I’ve been thinking about and hopefully your experience may help me.

If the 930 looks like this it could punch me in the testicles everyday and I'd love it like my child.
If the 930 looks like this it could punch me in the testicles everyday and I’d love it like my child.

First of all I’m on ATT for better or worse.  There’s no changing that at the moment.  I have an unlimited data plan and very functional LTE where I live.  Let’s not screw with that balance.  Second this is going to be a windows phone thing.  I don’t really want an Android phone.  I’ve always thought if WP tanked I’d be left with Android but let’s just say that it’s going to remain a back up OS in my mind.  If any one of you say IOS, Apple, or Ianything then I will wish the most awkward and unbearable plagues upon you and your offspring.  Now the contenders.

First up we have the sleek and sexy Lumia 925.  With all the awesome of the 920, the best selling Nokia flagship to date, packed into an aluminum encasing of amazing.  Slimming off those big blocky corners but also sacrificing some apparent battery life, built in inductive charging, and internal memory.  This is one of my first choices for current model phones.  Best of all this bad boy can be had for only a dollar.

Second we have the current heavy weight, the Lumia 1020.  I’ve heard this is a mixed bag with it’s awesome camera that is completely unparalleled but also give up your battery life, and have heard some issues with random reboots.  I’m trusting you readership folks with confirmation one way or the other on these issues.  This and it’s general heft are my reservations from the 925.  Also the processor performance seems to be very similar between the two.  I’m pretty sure I could deal with the size of this phone but I’m worried about battery.  People are reporting this guy is only coming in at around 12 hours with moderate use.  I’m a heavy user, a very heavy user.  If gigabytes were people then insert unsavory joke about killing lots of people and probably Stalin.  Hitler works just as well but I feel like he hogs all of the genocide jokes.  It’s not fair.  Stalin was just as much a go getter and he deserves his proverbial immortalization in killing too many people jokes.  Enough of that.  So 1020?  What do you think?  Chairman Mao.

Third on this list would be the rumor mill.  I have become aware, and by that I mean have stalked news sites day and night in the kind of way that even if you had a fetish for being stalked through dark alleys you would still be uncomfortable, of what seems to be the rumored Lumia 930 or the slightly more classy but still kind of rapey/James Bond-esque Martini.  Now if things go down as they’ve been assumed to go down, we’re looking at a 4.5″ quad-core phone, which already elevates it beyond anything else that’s been released on ATT so far, with their 20mp pure view offering.  This isn’t the 1020 point and shoot slayer, however who the hell needs that?  I could do very well beyond just fine with the pure view set up that graces the Icon on Verizon.  Being able to rack up 32gb of storage definitely makes this more attractive than the 925, but it is also rumored to share all that aluminum awesome that the 925 wears so well.

So really this is a shakedown for the readers to tell me what’s up with these phones that I have only held and drooled on a little bit, along with one I and most likely none of you have touched either.  Sound off and let me know the shortcomings. Tell me all the awful terrible stories of the 925 doing something very poorly or at least nit pick it to death.  Tell me about that one time the 1020 ran out of battery life too soon and then beat your wife and stole your credit cards.  If after all these terrible stories of sluggishness, battery failings, poor workmanship, spousal abuse, and identity theft fail to deter me from the one true phone for me then I know it will be worth it.  Guide me oh mobility digest readership!  Give me your earthy wisdom so that I may avoid disregard for all logic and go for the shiny thing with the most numbers of other stuff