Windows Phone - 01 June 2012
Author: Doug Smith

Got some new games for you guys to check out heading in to the weekend. First up is War Game, a role playing game for Windows Phone that asks you to conquer the world as the General of your own Military force. Your reward for success? Claim the Absolute ruler of the world!

• Over 90 assignments set in 9 different war theatres
• A wide selection of over 70 powerful soldiers, war machines and airplanes
• Challenging battles against other players
• Alliance battles between multiple players
• Weekly high scores with premium rewards
• Extensive tutorial for a straight-forward game entry

Head over to the Marketplace and grab War Game Free or just CLICK HERE


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(3) Readers Comments

  1. Am I showing my age/nerdness if my first thought was “Shall we play a game?”

  2. Not at all Marti. That movie started me down the developer Geek road that I’m stuck on. Damn you W.O.P.R!

  3. Can anyone tell me where the Tornado is? Its a war spoil.