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Windows Phone 7’s Justice League Ads

First we got the Season of the Witch ads, followed by the humorous yet feature absent Really? ads.  To some those were all well and good but there was zero buzz on the phone features generated by the ads not to mention using developer devices that would never see the light of day.  Luckily for Microsoft your Windows Phone team delivered a next-gen OS and user experience that has captivated and motivated early adopters to do the Windows Phone product justice.  Enter in AT&T with its new Samsung Focus What If? ad and skilled WP7 fan Brandon Foy.  I’ve long since desired to use my video compositing and editing skills to help out Microsoft and hopefully these two new ads is just the start of the “Justice League” ads.  What these ads do best is showcase both that the apps people desier are available for the windows phone and they awesomely wicked user interface.

Hit the links to view the ads and leave comments on how much better they are then the Really or Season of the Witch ads.  Personally the Brandon Foy article resembles the Revenge of the Nerds ad I envisioned creating for Windows Phone 7.  Microsoft you need to get guys like Brandon Foy a Windows Phone and pay for whatever time he needs to keep producing ads like this.

New AT&T Samsung Focus What If? TV Ad:


Brandon Foy’s We Love WP7 Ad: