When it rain it pours…Windows Phone 7 Hardware leaks that is.  Pocketnow.com has uncovered several pictures of a Samsung WP7 phone that I honestly did not see coming from Samsung.  I had thoughts of the Samsung Galaxy S running in my head.  Note that both this device and HTC’s leaked device have the circled Start button.  Maybe this is something Microsoft is pushing OEMs to do behind the scenes for uniformity.  Time will tell.  Check out the pics below, sadly there is no other info at the moment concerning the name or specs.

Via Pocketnow


  1. Agreed. Still waiting to see one with a QWERTY.

    But this must say a lot about the OS, that so many manufacturer’s want to jump on board even though they can’t do much to differentiate themselves from their competition.

  2. Well with the OS being so snappy and user friendly all the OEMs have to do is concentrate on producing great hardware. That means an increase in focus of resources and should allow the OEM’s hardware to shine.

    Thats like how Apple concentrates on the design of a few products and let the software take care of itself it is proven to be well received.

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