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Windows Phone Xbox Live: This Week’s Title, Deal and Next Week

imageThe Xbox Live titles are the best selling in Marketplace so what’s happening now?

New Release:

Starting this week, run for your life against the laws of gravity when “Gravity Guy” comes to Windows Phone for $2.99. Guide Gravity Guy through a series of mazes to escape from the evil Gravity Troops. With three different worlds and over 30 levels to explore, the gravity-defying action never ends! Race alongside your friends with multiplayer mode, or follow each other online with leaderboards and achievements!

Deal of the Week:

Get ready to step into the shoes of an all-powerful god with “Pocket God” on Windows Phone for just $1.99. As you look over a civilization of pygmies, it’s up to you to decide who will live, and who will be doomed to a much darker fate. Be sure to measure your skills online with Xbox LIVE achievements and leaderboards!

Coming Soon:

Watch for “COLLAPSE!,” available in the Games Marketplace next week.

Collapse! is a casual game and not as exciting but Gravity Guy should be a good bit of action to round things out.

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