CR192 Desire ROM
CRACING’s Latest HD2 ROM Offering: The CR192 Desire ROM

While some people have thought that the Windows Mobile scene is dead, the persistent members over at XDA Developers continue to prove them wrong once again with “CRACING”’s release of the next installment to the CR192 DESIRE ROM series for HTC’s Milestone HD2 handheld. The latest version hit WUpload and Megaupload on the 19th of this month proving that the Windows Mobile ROM community is far from dead. While CRACING seems to be relatively new to the scene, the ROM’s thread looks fantastic and was brilliantly illustrated by CRACING himself. Even though CR192 has not been available even two weeks yet, it has already been recognized by a member of the forum as “one of the best roms ever” despite its relatively short three pages of feedback in the thread. CR192 Desire is the successor to the massively successful Febuary release “Vibrant GTX” ROM (available in the CR192 thread as well). While some people prefer to run Android on their HD2s, the rest of the community has spoken, and the CR192 DESIRE ROM series is the clear choice for HD2 users who want to get the most out of their handheld.






  1. I regret selling my HD2 everyday. Now it’s sunk in a river somewhere as I understand it from the person I sold it too. Fish it out! LOL

  2. Now who woulda been stupid enough to drop an HD2 into Baltimore Harbor at a pier construction site…and then have it buried under 3ft rock….

    oh wait a minute…. :-(

  3. I missed out on WinMo 6.5x and the HD2 being on At+t. Such a shame.Still trying to get one from a former user. Android has left me wanting…something…more. How does WP compare to WinMo? Would I be happy as a former 6.1 user? What about after Mango? Peace

  4. I still use my HD2 all the time. Great device! My wife wants it but she can’t have it. I switch back to it because the wifi access that’s needed occasionally. This device was made solid and serious. Every carrier should always offer something so versatile.

    @JR:WP is a great OS compared to WinMo. Smooth and Fast, I’m having so much fun with it.

  5. @JR:

    Windows 7 Mobile? To be completely honest with you based on what I’ve seen, it sucks big time compared to Windows Mobile (6.1, 6.5), and many of its popular features have been reversed. If you want my honest opinion, stick with Android, or try WM6.1/6.5 (try 7 too though, everyone has different tastes.).

    @Stan City:

    For sure. I’d actually like an HD2 that I could call my own, but the device’s single flaw prevents me from doing so: GSM (not a flaw if you’re an AT&T Wireless or TMobile customer though ☺).


  6. Unfortunately 6.5x is not likely to show up on a newer type device, so I would be stuck looking for a WP7 device. I want to try it, but I knew before it was released, I probably would not be happy, which made buying an android device easier. My Dell Streak 5″ is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the replies. Happy Hunting. Peace

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