We do a spec by spec and use case comparison of three of the most popular phones on the market right now. Tune in!

Original Nokia Lumia 920 review: http://youtu.be/2wL7ZKFlFOs

Original Nexus 4 review: http://youtu.be/ai_MI-I9syc

* T-Mobile customer story and how i acquired the Nexus 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptWHYM…


  1. You had me at “spec whore.” Nexus 4 for me please.

    Sweet intro, cool tripod, bad mic notwithstanding pretty high production value here, but any way you can make your next review more than 20 minutes long? Bang the bass on your voice.

    Hey, how did you get all these phones? I’m only six minutes in and I count four top shelf phones.

    Hot background on the Nexus! Dat digital trickery.

  2. All solid devices that have their strengths. It has gotten to the point where no matter what phone you buy you should expect a good experience. That is unless you’re going the cheap route then you get what you pay for.

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