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Nokia Gets New Typeface…Does Anyone Really Care?

nokiaPureIt’s a sad day for any tech company when changing the typeface for said company is considered “big news”. I would say Nokia’s original typeface, Nokia Sans, is quite recognizable in the world of mobile tech, so in that regard, changes to it are more relevant than from anyone else in this space. The new font, dubbed Nokia Pure, clearly is in line with their new Windows Phone business model, as it looks remarkably similar to the default Windows Phone font, Segoe WP. I guess it demonstrates their commitment to Microsoft’s platform. But come on, it’s a just a font man! Has Nokia’s prospects become so bad that changing their typeface alone is worth reevaluating their outlook?

Nokia has been and continues to be a strong company(they survived for way longer than anyone should with the crippling handicap that is Symbian), and now armed with a quality OS to power it’s great hardware they finally have a chance to recapture some the glory they had in the heyday of the N95 era. Stocks prices fell because of lowered short-term profitability not because the company is dead in the water. Changing the font wont change that or anyone’s impression of the company, so let’s move on and look at something more meaningful, both in terms of gauging Nokia’s corporate prospects and as what we should consider “newsworthy”. Font choice really shouldn’t be at the forefront of anyone’s mind unless they decided to go with Wingdings.