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Nexus One vs T-Mobile HTC HD2

Because they are Wirefly, they get all the cool devices early and can get these videos cranked out before their official release! (insert envious cursing here) In any case, they did a cool comparison video between the Google Nexus One and the T-Mobile HTC HD2. It is clear the HD2 is huge compared to an already large device with a 3.7 inch screen, the Google Nexus One. The video has a good physical comparison between the two as well as a nice walk through HTC Sense and the Google Android 2.1 User Interface. So which one will or would you choose? I am going to through in a quick Poll and see what you think! Enjoy!

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Check out the key differences after the break or head on over to Wirefly

Key Differences
  • Price: While not available from Wirefly at this time, the Nexus One is available on contract directly from Google for $179. The T-Mobile HD2 will be available from Wirefly at a significantly discounted price.
  • Operating System: The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC’s attractive Sense user interface built on top, while the Nexus One is an Android-powered device and uses the standard Android user interface.  The many differences between the two operating systems and user interfaces are beyond the scope of this comparison, but both devices are powerful solutions for both work and play.
  • Power: The HTC Nexus One and HTC HD2 are both equipped with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and offer the best performance currently available in a mobile device.  The HTC HD2, however, has slightly more RAM at 576MB while the Nexus One has 512MB of RAM.
  • Display: The Nexus One has a large and high resolution display (3.7-in., WVGA 800×480pixels), but when compared to other cell phones on the marker, the HTC HD2 has a huge and vibrant 4.3-inch screen (480×800 pixels).
  • Storage Space: Right out of the box, the HD2 has 16GB (upgradeable to 32GB) of on-board storage space for music, video and more thanks to a pre-installed microSD card. The Nexus One has only a 4GB microSD card pre-installed (also upgradeable to 32GB).
  • Size & Weight: Both the Nexus One and HTC HD2 are impressively slim devices, but because of its substantially larger screen, the HD2 is a wider and taller device.  The size difference, though, is not proportional to the difference in screen size between the two devices, and arguably lets the HD2 boast the best of both worlds.