Normally the lack of removable storage (an SD card) wouldn’t be a big deal but in this post-Windows Phone 7 apparently it’s a must-have feature. And you would think that a phone in the Nexus lineup would have it since the Nexus One was a developer device and it’s still a non-retail store (well Best Buy but not TMo) so this is really not a mainstream phone. You’d expect them to appeal to the heart of the devs/hackers out there and come full featured. Well, it’s not there.

From a realistic standpoint, I think 16gb is more than sufficient…but that won’t stop me from laughing.


  1. as an android reference device, I am baffled that they would release this without a microSD slot. While I agree that 16gb is probably more than enough storage, most phones out there are going to have the microSD slot, so you would think their reference phone would as well.

  2. In the end what you’ll start seeing is that the majority of phones will come with non-removable storage. Its faster and helps the phones performance. The average person isn’t trying to take memory cards in and out of their phones.

  3. @Murani Lewis: very true, and yet HTC webtvon the cheap and still used microSD over NAND… Samsung will definitely come out the victors in the end with their superior quality.

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