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What Device Do You Not Want In Your Pocket?

We waste spend a lot of time talking about how great our devices are around here. We tend to not focus as much on which is the worst. Let’s do a simple and unscientific poll here. Your next phone will be either Android, iPhone 4 or Windows Phone 7. Most of you tend to be in the Android or WP7 camp but what camp are you definitely not in? In other words, someone hands you a fancy new iPhone – do you dare touch the forbidden fruit?

Why is this relevant? For all the shit I give to the iPhone, I’d take it over Android. It’s a much better marketplace with a lot more quality apps, great specs on the phone and you get a good out of the box experience and I think in the end Android reminds me too much of Windows Mobile 6.5 with it’s lack of a UI, apps that aren’t top notch and too much mandatory tweaking (I know it’s fun but it gets old).

Anyway, let’s take a poll to get a sense as to what you don’t like. And feel free to shout out as to why. Maybe you distrust the manufacturer, think the OS is half baked…shout it out

[poll id=”21″]

Oh and assume the hardware is similar across the board and yes, I left Blackberry out cause no one wants that;)