Two weird things about the Nexus S. The first is that it doesn’t shoot video in HD. Most cell phones shoot in 720 – that’s a resolution of 1280×720  (921,600 pixels). The Nexus S takes video in 720 x 480 (345,600 pixels). That’s just above VGA (640×480 = 307,200). That’s just weak sauce man.

The second is that the NFC chip they keep touting is going to be shipped with read only access. So you can get info about items that support NFC but you can’t transmit NFC. In other words, the main features, like using it like a credit card, aren’t going to be enabled at launch. Apparently an update will fix this in the future. Let’s see if it comes because the iPhone 5 does (since that will have NFC as well).

Let’s see where this Nexus S thing is headed…


  1. I’ve lost faith in Samsung since they refused to ever release the epic for GSM networks. Now i’m simply wait for either the HTC Merge or the Knight/Shift/Speedy when it’s released to the rest of the world.

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