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Ask the Readers– WP7 or Android


I figured I would start another conversation on everyone’s favorite topic at the moment. 

So this past month my company has decided to stop handing out corporate phones (Blackberries) and is now putting us on a stipend plan.  YAY!!  I can finally get rid of my Blackberry.

Only problem is I have a family plan on Sprint and my stipend will not fully cover a new plan.  I really want a WP7 device which makes my only choice the Arrive.  Bad thing is I don’t want to pay $200 on the Sprint site but Best Buy has them for $100.  The only problem is the Best Buys around me do not carry that phone anymore.  They are currently offering the Nexus S for ZERO dollars at the moment.  It is tempting.  But with my wife having a HTC Hero and seeing how atrocious her battery life is now I have my reservations.

So I am asking you, the readers, what would you do?