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How Crucial are Frequent Updates?

I’ve noticed that not all apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace are routinely updated. While some apps really don’t need updates(very simple ones), I find myself scrolling down to the version number before I download any app nowadays. If I notice that the app was relased over 2months ago and its still on version 1.0 I usually don’t both with it. On the flip side, if I find an app that isn’t completely polished, yet receivess regular updates with noticeable changes or changelogs I will stick with it just because I know the app will continue to evolve.

From my personal experience, very few developers get the app just right the first time around, and i honestly dont expect them to. So long as they listen to user feedback and continue to show interest in providing support for their app, i have no hesitation to support them in return.

I love developers who list changelogs from version to version on their info page. Not only does this demonstrate to consumers that you will actively continue to improve your product, but it helps others who previously tried your app but found it lacking. A would prefer a continuous log dating all the way back to the original version but just a recent changlog or even a changelog highlights section would be nice.

How do you feel about updates?