If your phone hasn’t alerted you yet if you’re an AT&T Windows Phone user carrying a Focus or Quantum then you should expect an official push shortly as Microsoft and AT&T have started to let it out. Better yet, if you took things into your own hands and pushed the update onto your phone by unbranding it, you’ll still be getting a notification to get the update, as we can confirm from our own devices. We’re not sure about the Walsh method yet but if you went that route tell us what you find.

Looks like even Walshied (for Chris Walsh) phones are getting the update:


  1. I just finished updating my Focus and I had used the Walshie method to get Nodo before. Although I don’t see the new WISPr and address features that are supposed to be there so maybe it didn’t REALLY update?

  2. Feb. update was disappointing but anticipated with prior reading. Nodo was very slow considering the few features it added. I’m optomistic still – didn’t brick my phone (Focus which I love), didn’t cost anything, and added functionality. Looking forward to Mango….probably next year.

  3. I had an error pop up the first time I ran the PreNoDo update. I remembered that on my work laptop I used to connect my Fuze and thus still had ActiveSync installed. Removed that, and PreNodo sailed through. Now installing NoDo…

  4. NoDo installed Successfully! I don’t see any new AT&T apps though…I don’t really notice anything new or different at all yet…

  5. Well, I had updated a few weeks ago using the method of removing the ATT indicator in the registry. As of 6:56 PM EDT, no update is coming through for me and my Focus. Not so much interested in NoDo itself but the radio firmware update – hoping for improved Bluetooth performance.

  6. @Smitty009: You have to go in Settings>Email Accounts>Add. It should be in the list. The WISPr I think happens automatically,so you won’t see anything.

  7. I got it today. It was a problem to get the pre nodo. Had to get the tool to fix it. I think everybody will. While the Facebook app is better and the market is much, much better. Copy paste is just horrible. It’s like they don’t even care. I can’t see anyone liking it. Gosh c’mon

  8. I have no SD card and and had no problems..

    Now my OS version is 7.0.7008.0
    Radio/Firmware 2103.10.10.1

    Is that right? I’ve seen pics of other upgrades that had different numbers..

  9. two updates specific to samsung focus hardware, camera defaults to anti-shake ON, and capacitive buttons now are off when in a program. If you swipe your fingers over them accidently, they will not activate, must single press now.

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