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MS To Blendtec: Don’t Blend Windows Phone 7

In a bit of humor, Microsoft’s site My Kind Of Phone has asked Blendtec to not blend WP7. As they note:

The Windows Phone 7 is out later this year, and with so many waiting to get their hands on the phone, it would be upsetting to watch it get shredded by Tom, while he smiles and offers the health and safety advice not to breath ‘Windows Phone 7 smoke’.

While it may be fun to see rival products blended, it’s not fun to see it happen to our faveourite phone. Classic playground mentality. So in the spirit of NIMBYism, we ask you Tom… please don’t blend out lovely phone! Thanks.

Pretty funny…and actually probably a plea to be blended as an acknowledgement that you’re important enough to make the blender. Anyway, I do feel their pain. There are plenty of iPhones out there that need testing Tom – go focus on them.