As rumored, Nokia just went official and has confirmed an October 22 announcements with a November 8 release date. Yes, this will be the 1520 . We’re likely to see Verizon and AT&T at the table along side Nokia and Microsoft for the 6” phablet release.  This also opens the doors for new chips and new higher res screens in Windows Phones so it’s a good day all around.

Anyone really looking to get one of these? Phablets are a bit too big for my pockets…although I’ve said that about every phone in the past until I get it and get used to it. And yes, that’s a phone in my pocket…I’m not at all happy to see you Winking smile 



  1. I don’t know why, but I am more excited about this device than I am for the SNote3.
    But how long can I wait? I am already a year overdue. And sofar WP8 Does not thrill me.
    Anybody know what we are looking forward to in the next WP8 update?
    I need toggles for my radios on the home screen that do not take me to settings pages.
    I can live without live wallpaper but I will miss Kate Moss pole dancing on my home screen. (App: Video Live Wallpaper, video: The White Stripes, I just don’t know what to do with myself)
    I would also not be able to use my Sony MW1 “Smart Bluetooth Headset” there is no Windows app for it.
    I hope the Market UI continues to improve, right now it is not the most user friendly or comprehensive.
    Windows Phone has a long way to go, but if I spend another 2 years with Android, Windows will not be able to catch up with my ecosystem investment.

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