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Speaktoit Comes to Windows Phone 8 for Free

I don’t see much Windows phone news sadly, I wish I did honestly. Anyway, Speaktoit is a virtual assistant on Android, but now your can get it on Windows Phone 8 and best of all it’s free! I guess it’s kind of like Siri on the iPhone but it’s a number one rated app on Android, so I guess that says something about it.  Personally I don’t get Siri, never have and never will, I use my phone to talk to people I don’t talk to my phone. Hey that’s just me though, Siri is popular, and so is Speaktoit apparently, so it’s free so why not go grab it and give it a try?! Oh and apparently you can also get in on Windows 8, so if you have the Surface I guess you could try it out there as well…


Speaktoit, which has been the top-rated virtual assistant on Android since launching in 2011, has just announced a launch on Windows Phone 8 (and Windows 8, for tablets). Since Windows has a relative lack of virtual assistant options, Speaktoit figures to be a popular choice for users there. The app is free and downloadable here for Windows Phone 8 and here for Windows 8.

Speaktoit’s been successful (6+ million users, funding from Intel Capital) because of its uniquely personal avatar (screenshot examples attached), two-way conversational setup (much more so than Siri), and wide breadth of functions. Speaktoit has direct integrations with a lot of key web services, like Google, FB, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, etc.

Speaktoit will bring these integrations to Windows users, as well as all of its traditional built-in functions, like taking notes, sending/reading texts, setting alarms, playing music, giving calendar reminders, telling jokes, map searching, reading the news, and updating social media (among many others).