Nokia is not letting up, they put together this comparison chart for the masses to get the idea. It tackles camera, display, UI, design, charging and last but seemingly more important these days, maps. This is interesting to see how aggressive Nokia has become, I can actually say I like what I see! With the launch of the Lumia 920 a few weeks away, lets see if this helps any. 


    • And you buy phones because they have accessories.

      When you only make a single phone, that almost never changes, accessorizing is easy.

      Twenty years ago you could buy an oil filter, or floor mats, for any Chevy or Ford at K-Mart. But you couldn’t buy the same for a Nissan or Honda. Did that make the Chevy’s and Fords better. Not necessarily. Just meant they were more popular.

  1. I’m pleased to see that the Lumia’s screen works with “kind pens”. It’d be a shame for it to support evil pens.

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