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Nokia’s Lumia 900 Pleasing the Masses

windows-phone-signsIt’s the 9th inning and there are two outs. Your team is down two runs and there are runners at first and second base. You step up to the plate, your head is spinning, your nerves on volcanic fire! You practiced some. Got just a few practice swings in before going to the plate. You have only played two games before this, but you have a new bat. It’s a damn good bat too. That all too familiar baseball scenario reminds me a lot of the current situation for the Microsoft Windows Phone situation, or at least as some people would have you think of it. I myself do not view the Nokia Lumia 900 as the final at bat for Windows and don’t think that the 900 needs to hit it out of the park. There’s a good team behind the Lumia with Microsoft and they got some great depth and resources to ensure that if the Lumia should only draw a walk, the next batter, in this case, Apollo or Windows Phone 8 should carry a big bat as well. And let’s just say that Windows Phone 8 only hits a single. What then? Well, you most likely just tied the game, with yet another chance at the plate. Such is Microsoft.

The Lumia 900 continues to please the masses. This after a few hiccups along the way  which may also include a reddish tint to some tiles. However, the Lumia is pleasing the masses and is exceeding supply with steady demand. The device has had rave reviews from sources unexpected. Mac|Life just reviewed the Lumia and gave it a great review despite some camera deficiencies. Memory, Sealed Battery, and low screen resolution, meh, they liked it still. Perhaps the most shocking endorsement came from “Woz”. Steve Jobs must be rolling in his hallowed grave. This treachery while all his Senior Managers are said to be quietly exiting. According to the Business Insider, Apple is losing key talent at the Senior Management level, especially in their retail division to the likes of JC Penny that poached two. Anyone notice the difference in JC Penny recently?

So to quote the movie Signs, “Swing Away” Microsoft, you got plenty of team behind you and the last out is not as close to reality as it may seem.