Nokia is now using banner ads for its Instagram campaignNokia is continuing the good fight to consolidate support for Instagram on Windows Phone. They have basically made it their mission to get the popular photo sharing social network app to come to the Windows Phone platform. First they launched #2InstaWithLove campaign complete with an app that allows Windows Phone users to upload and share photos with a stock photo filter that automatically generates the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. I’m sure Instagram is aware of this by now.

Nokia has now started advertising the movement with banner ads. The banner ad is meant to help drive awareness of the #2InstaWithLove app and get more Windows Phone users using the app. The more the merrier as it is important to show that the Windows Phone community wants Instagram on the platform sooner than later.


  1. Well, now I too am aware of it, I’m touched by this effort, I’m rooting for it to happen enough so that I’m presently making a comment to that effect. That’s what Instagram is being made aware of, and perhaps other marquee app makers are being made aware of how tenacious Nokia is over something like this, along with consumers who might need just a nudge like this to switch to Nokia/WP. Right on Nokia.

    Ooo I know I’ll make a silly poll about this.

    • Disclaimer: I don’t use nor give a damn about instagram, and I DO NOT condone the new attitude that a single (shitty) app can somehow hold an entire OS hostage.

      That said, you’re awfully smug considering it was just released for android less than a year ago after being on ios for just about 2 years. Really odd considering their founder had actually been working at google before he ventured off to start said shitty app.

      Kinda irrelevant, but I’m sure you get the idea.

      • Sean, I know little about Instagram — that it had some privacy scandal, has something to do with applying filters and effects to pictures people take. I learned today, here, that they don’t yet have a Windows Phone app but Nokia is making noise about it, and now I know what you just told me about its history. What the hell do I care if someone from Google creates something popular and produces software for it for Apple’s market well ahead of Google’s?

        Think I read yesterday that the top four most popular cameras that took the pictures on Flickr were all iPhones. They’ve got good cameras, better than the majority of Android phones, and now these WP Nokias are regarded as having top shelf cameras on par with iPhones.

        I might have done the same thing in this man’s shoes. Just like if I were Google I wouldn’t hesitate to try very hard to make the iOS Google Maps at least as good if not better than the Android counterpart. If this Tizen takes off, do the same thing, even though I don’t care much for Samsung.

        I was not joking about rooting for Nokia (both in this situation and in general). Where do you get smug from?

  2. Nothing wrong with embarrassing a company to do the right thing. I think someone said, any advertising is good advertising. I tend not to agree. Some businesses would go to any length to keep their name out of the negative spotlight, regardless of how trivial (or small the marketshare) the effort may be.

    Wonder who Nokia will be aiming their sights at next.

    • You should try IE10, it’s fabulous! :)

      I’d like to see Nokia, like HTC, train their sights on Samsung and their Galaxy S4, go on offense hard with what has been criticized most about the Samsung’s phones and what’s been praised the most about the Lumia, what has the most contrast, and rail away on it somehow. Like build quality.

      • It certainly would be a better way of spending dollars than dragging each other into the courtroom. Just spend the money that would be going to the lawyers on aggressive marketing campaigns.

        Yes the build quality is the one area Samsung can be attacked on from all sides. If all the companies that actually craft nice hardware focused on that in comparison to Samsung the message would hit home.

    • Ok… so are you another one who directs your anger at MS instead of instagram?
      I mean NS has said they are going to do everything they can to bring it to WP. Instagram has ignored people. Yet nobody holds any of this against them.

      Now THAT shit is insane to me.

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