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Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 8 Adds New Features

Not too long ago the official Twitter app for Windows Phone raised the bar for official apps. Today Microsoft announced via their Windows Phone Blog that the app has been updated to include a couple useful features & bug fixes that raises the bar once again. New features include:

  • Lens app integration.
  • An improved tweet composition experience with photo filter support. Just tap the camera icon to capture an image from your phone’s viewfinder, or pull in a shot from your Cameral Roll. Then apply one of 8 new filters (you can see them below).
  • Play embedded Vine videos directly from within tweets.
  • Save tweeted photos to your phone.
  • Refresh lists on-demand.

The inclusion of filters puts Instagram on notice, particularly when you realize that Instagram photos aren’t viewable in Twitter’s timeline natively anymore. This means stripping away a barrier for people who want to be social with what they post. Another highlight is the Lens app integration which allows users to post pictures directly from the camera as soon as you take the photo. Another thing is that users can now play embedded Vine videos directly from within tweets. You can grab the app here if you don’t already have it.

Source: Windows Phone Blog