Moving past all the political correctness you can only look at Nokia’s latest push for their Magenta/Pink version of the Lumia 800 as another gold star effort.

Think I’m being silly? Just asked my wife and she agreed. Nothing like a pop of color and style to spark the interest of the fairer sex. Nokia went the extra length to customize the live tiles with totally appropriate pictures.

The one-year subscription to Cosmopolitan is the cherry on top of what is the latest in Marketing Done Right penned by Nokia and their partners.

Source: The Professor via WMPoweruser


    • My personal phone IS the hot pink RAZR. (My blue one finally died, with the interior screen not functioning. The RAZR was in the drawer after I hooked my wife onto the Aria.)

      My manhood is not in question, and at least I have a phone that nobody would want to steal.

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