A lot of the excitement of the Nokia-Microsoft relationship is the build quality of Nokia devices. Just check this out as a bus drives over an Astound twice.

The video is also shot using an Astound (Nokia has great cameras). You also see they their screens get entirely washed out in bright light though. In any event, I doubt my Focus can survive a 4 pound toy bus going over it…


  1. I’ll be getting one on Wednesday, tired of this shitty Dell venue pro crashing and the lack of support. Will either use it till the first Nokia WP7 device or get an HD7.

  2. Haven’t seen the video however that phone sounds beastly. I need a phone for when I skate/snowboard. Im scared my focus will break

  3. My wife did the same thing with a much lighter car and a HTC Touch Diamond 2 (that I paid for). You can probably guess how that turned out… :-(

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