One day into Nokia’s return to the U.S. market, they already appear to be performing well. A quick glance at the top sellers list on Amazon show both the Black and Cyan variants of the Lumia 900 as the 1st and 3rd selling phones, respectively. While Windows Phones have always held top spots on Amazon for ratings and customer satisfaction, they have struggled to sell, never appearing higher than mid-20s on a list dominated by various flavors of Android devices.

It is certainly still early, but it’s good to see Nokia off to a quick start.


  1. I went into an AT&T store this morning, and the rep I talked to started with “You wouldn’t believe how many people are inquiring into that!” (I was comparing the Lumia 900 and the Titan II)
    My response was, “Yes, I would, because Nokia is actually marketing the bloody thing.”
    I also gave him a little list of apps he should be telling his customers to install first…
    (As an asside, what was in his pocket? A Galaxy Note. Geeezus that sucker’s big!)

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