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The Apps We Already Love Hit WP Marketplace

As you know we’ve previewed a lot of Windows Phone apps on this site and there’s always speculation as to what actually makes it to the market and what it’s like once they get there. Well, looks like a good number of them are already getting high marks and that’s with a limited number of devices in the wild. For example, Krashlander has a sold 4.5 stars with only positive reviews so far. SmartyPantsCoding seems to have made a splash with Hungry Castaway already at a solid 4 stars and is getting a lot of praise for its graphics and gameplay and Matchingo garnering 4.5 stars and only positive reviews. BowlingXX (the one that lets you bowl Wii style) is at 4 stars and also seems to be a strong offering already. Talking Ragdoll seems to be keeping users entertained and selling well. Shockingly both Wordmonger and Bye Bye Brain have no reviews so far but I’m thinking that their very plain icons aren’t attracting people to look further because the games have a lot of buzz. In non-game world, Pictures Lab is getting high ratings for both ease of use and value and it’s at the top of the charts even though it’s surrounded by paid apps so that will give you a sense as to how good it’s doing. Cocktail Flow has just 3 ratings so far but they’re all 5 stars. And in a bit of a surprise, Messenger is getting slammed for buggy logins, inability to login at multiple locations and ultimate simplicity from an app that could have brought two way video sharing to Windows Phone and instead seems to be flat. And the top selling apps right now: YouTube, Shazam, Flowerz, Facebook, Netflix and Adobe Reader which are all free and the top selling game is Frogger even tough it’s not the highest rated game.

Again, with so few phones this is a little premature but it’s interesting to watch the new apps come into the market and some of the apps that looked great are in fact already doing great. Congrats to the devs – seems like you’re headed in the right direction.

And I preemptively apologize for any apps/games I missed. If I missed any that I should have mentioned please shout out in the comments to remind me so I know to catch it next round. And if you’re not following the Marketplace just download Zune already – you’ll need it eventually and it’s really a great app.

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