We review the Lumia 920 a few months after release. Perhaps this is the best time to really gather the true thoughts on the device, check out the review!

Check out the original review here: http://youtu.be/2wL7ZKFlFOs


  1. The random freezing, especially overnight charging & expecting to be woken up by the alarm is annoying. So many forums discussing the same issue & no solution. Otherwise an exceptional iPhone, Android killer hardware.

    • i haven’t been on any forums lately, but you’re not the first person i heard mention the random freezing. I wonder, if it has anything to do with revision models. Did you have yours since launch?

      • Very first available in Australia through Telstra. Has Portico update & got more consistent overnight, strange though not so often last week.

  2. About the freezing, If you already got the Portico update then all you really need to do is Hard reset the phone. There is a possibility of bricking the phone but if it does your carrier will replace it. The phone should be good after that. I think early models suffer this problem.

  3. While I carry multiple devices daily, my red Lumia 920 is the best by default. You may call me Microsoft fanboy or something, but there is no other competing phone has that better quality of camera, speakers, mic, touch response or shiny phone. I currently carry Lumia 920, iPhone and Note II. Lumia 920 is the best among all.

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