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HTC comes crawling back with Lumia envy

HTC comes crawling back with Lumia envy

Well well well, look who we have here  at the front door with folded letter in hand. Neowin dropped a piece on what HTC’s president Jason Machenzie had to say to Reuters.

"I feel very strongly we’ve got very concrete carrier support in every region around the world including the United States, and I’m not talking about just one carrier," Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s president of sales and marketing, told Reuters.

HTC puts that in contrast to Nokia, which failed to mention any specific plans for carriers at its recent New York Window Phone event, despite showing off some impressive hardware in the form of the Lumia 820 and 920. On the other hand, we can’t help but notice that Mackenzie didn’t really go into specifics about HTC’s ‘concrete carrier support.’

There’s some very good news for Windows Phone fans here; HTC says that it’s also committed to bringing out some of its best industrial design talent in support of Windows Phone. "[We’ve got] a unique (industrial design) language for Windows Phones, a language that can be held up by Microsoft as a flagship." That’s not something that other Android-centric OEMs, who look at Windows Phone as a secondary product (at best), can say.

Oh, you feel “very strongly” now do you? Perhaps as strong as the stench from those garbage Windows Phone devices HTC has been pushing out? Interesting, Nokia walks in the front door  with a hell of a design and game plan and all of a sudden it’s a OEM violin committee. Well, good news is, I still like you HTC, I like you enough to believe you can actually innovate past the Google sweets. Lets wait and see what they pull out of the hat!