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Non HTC Devices Make It To XDA

Last week we talked about XDA considering expanding their forums to include non HTC devices. I was all for the LG Expo, Omnia II and Toshiba TG01.  You guys were a little more skeptical than I was (and wanted to put them on their own island). Well for those of you that wanted to open up the forums today is your day. They have added four new devices to the forums: Acer Neo Touch F1 S200, Acer Liquid A1 S100, Samsung Omnia II and Toshiba TG01. So that’s three new WM devices that are not HTC. For my two cents, that’s a good start.

If you’re looking for the new forums go way down to the bottom. If the forum you are looking for is not there yet just be patient…well you waited this long so what’s a few more hours?:)