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Tennis Anyone?

OK, let’s finish the sports theme weekend right with a little tennis. Heliosdev of XDA put together a nice app that keeps track of the score of a tennis match and it actually has a lot of functionality. You can change the name of the players, toggle how deuce/ad is treated, play a single set, best of three sets, best of five sets or just an infinite set, it has tie breakers and it highlights who is serving. This is great for people that always fight over what the score is (we all know it’s harder to remember than it should be:)) but I can also see this coming in handy to let your kids get involved to help learn/keep track of the score and that way you can keep them busy and let them be helpful if you want to play without them for a bit. It’s an easy to use app that does what it’s supposed to do well…and it’s free. And if you have your phone on you while you’re playing then you’re either not playing right or you don’t love your phone:)

Nice work Heliosdev. The download is available here.